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"As a health consious mom, I am very careful about what I put on my baby's skin. SuperLan was a real find for me! My baby's diaper rash healed quicker than ever before and I'm confident using the most natural diaper rash cream out there."
~ Nan Burdick, Tulsa, OK

Diaper Rash & Cradle Cap

Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is an inflamed, red condition in the diaper area caused by exposure to wet, soiled diapers. Our Superlan® hypoallergenic, medical-grade lanolin cream is useful not only in accelerating the healing of this irritation, it is also very effective in preventing it because it forms a barrier to wetness that repels moisture.

"I've been using SuperLan for myself for a long time. Just recently I ran out of Desitin, and for the lack of anything else I tried SuperLan. Wow! My baby's rash healed overnight! Now I use only SuperLan and it works all the time. Thanx for such a terrific product!"
~Lisa Dawn, Atlanta, GA

Cradle Cap

A form of seborrheic eczema, cradle cap appears as yellowish, greasy-looking scales on the scalp. We have seen our Superlan® cream resolve a case of cradle cap literally overnight.

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