The Purest, Safest & Most Effective
Dry Skin Treatment In the World.
"I received a gash near my eye that required ten stitches and was informed by the doctor that a noticeable scar would remain. I started using Superlan® immediately and the wound healed entirely in one week with only a hairline scar."
~R. Cowison, Columbus, OH

Minor Cuts, Bruises & Burns

Applying a band-aid or the like on minor cuts and bruises will not promote healing and will actually hinder the healing process. Moisture is trapped beneath the gauze and does not allow the cut to mend. Minor cuts and bruises can effectively be treated by applying SuperLan. SuperLan coats the cut or bruise forming a protective layer. Particles and dirt are prevented from penetrating the broken skin, while still allowing the skin to breathe. Use SuperLan on all cuts and bruises for the entire family!

"This is great stuff, it really heals cuts and chapped skin. I use it daily."

~Sally Shea, Berry Creek, California

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