The Purest, Safest & Most Effective
Dry Skin Treatment In the World.
"I'm constantly stopped by people asking me what I use on my face to give it such a smooth, young glow. SuperLan Lite has been working its magic on me for 4 1/2 years now. Thank you."
~Sheila Phillips, Austin, Texas



Exposure to the elements and use of soaps and toxic creams including regular moisturizers, contribute to your skin's lack of moisture, causing dry, brittle and flaky skin.

The superb Moisturizing properties of lanolin have been known and already used by the ancient Greeks. The unique blend of oils and waxes naturally occuring in sheeps wool, keeps ifs fleece soft and luxuriant despite harsh weather conditions.

You can achieve the same results When using SuperLan Lite even if you suffer from severly dry skin. No water has been added to dilute its effectiveness. Just an addition of pure jojoba oil that makes it smooth and gentle to use on your face or baby's skin. Contains no color, fragrance, preservatives or chemicals that can irritate the skin.

Apply SuperLan Lite before going to bed. It will not clog pores, allowing it to breathe, while nourishing and rehydrating your skin. You'll wake up in the morning to a glowing, satiny face. Can also be applied under makeup. Use a small amount and massage into skin untill well absorbed. Daily use will keep your skin soft and supple unlike anything previously experienced.

What are you putting on your skin?

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