The Purest, Safest & Most Effective
Dry Skin Treatment In the World.


"This is great stuff, it really heals cuts and chapped skin. I use it daily."

~Sally Shea, Berry Creek, California

"For 3˝ years I have been trying many products for my facial rash with no results. Finally, through your product my complexion is clear again. Am delighted!"

~Darline Muto, W. Brookfield, MA

"Superlan® is working miracles on my cracked heels and calluses. They are no longer hard and scaly and I can walk in comfort. I like the fact that it is fragrance-free."

~Jane B. Orry, New York City

"I received a gash near my eye that required ten stitches and was informed by the doctor that a noticeable scar would remain. I started using Superlan® immediately and the wound healed entirely in one week with only a hairline scar."

~R. Cowison, Columbus, OH

"I have allergies to every product out there for chapped lips because they all contain wax or some sort of wax product. When I found SuperLan I was amazed at how well it worked."

~Laurie Gutowski, N. Ferrisburgh, VT

"I have bought every cream, moisturizer, foot cream available and nothing really worked for my terrible dry cracked heels. My feet are the best they have ever been and healed in less than two weeks."

~Susan Burklund, Sutherland, NE

"I am simply addicted to your Superlan lip tube. I have one with me at work, one in my purse, car etc. My lips are soft, lustrious & chapped free all winter."

~Sally Grimshaw, Rochester, MN

"Superlan for lips is simply the best answer for chapped lips. I've tried so many other lip products, over the counter and pharmaceutical. None of them do the job like SuperLan does. And its all natural to boot!"

~Dave Howard, Chicago, IL

"As a health consious mom, I am very careful about what I put on my baby's skin. SuperLan was a real find for me! My baby's diaper rash healed quicker than ever before and I'm confident using the most natural diaper rash cream out there."

~ Nan Burdick, Tulsa, OK

"I've been using SuperLan for myself for a long time. Just recently I ran out of Desitin, and for the lack of anything else I tried SuperLan. Wow! My baby's rash healed overnight! Now I use only SuperLan and it works all the time. Thanx for such a terrific product!"

~Lisa Dawn, Atlanta, GA

"I suffer from from chapped hands all winter, every winter, and I'm used to making my rounds trying out different lotions. I found that most lotions are just perfumed water with a hefty price tag. When a friend told me about SuperLan, I was a bit skeptical, but tried it anyway. I must say SuperLan lived up to and exceded all my expectations. I finally found the best cream out there!"

~Mimi Klein, Spring Valley NY

"Psoriasis has plagued me for quite a while now. Since I'm loathe to use steroids I find myself trying out new creams and lotions regularly. I must say that SuperLan has relieved my itchiness and I find that my psoriasis doesn't bother me so much anymore."

~Hugh Evers, Secaucus, NJ

"SuperLan Lite has once again come to my rescue. Last summer I burnt my arms doing yardwork. I applied SuperLan Lite religiously a couple of times a day and it healed beautifully and painlessly. I'm sold on your product!"

~Larry Hickens, Salt Lake City UT

"Living with dry, rough hands is almost a way of life for farmers. Not anymore, since our little farming community out here discovered your SuperLan. We've learnt to apply SuperLan before the day's work, so that working with the soil does not dry out our hands anymore. Well, spread the word to our fellow farmers!"

~ Tony Farlow, Portland Oregon

"I'm an avid swimmer and the chlorine in the pool has always irritated my sensitive skin. I've discovered that if I apply SuperLan on my face, arms and legs before the swim, the chlorine does not affect me at all. Another great use for SuperLan!"

~Daniel Hawthorne, Rye NY

"I'm constantly stopped by people asking me what I use on my face to give it such a smooth, young glow. SuperLan Lite has been working its magic on me for 4 1/2 years now. Thank you."

~Sheila Phillips, Austin, Texas

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