The world's purest, hypoallergenic, superior grade lanolin. Relieves & prevents dry, cracked skin
unlike any other product on the market.
"SuperlanŽ is working miracles on my cracked heels and calluses. They are no longer hard and scaly and I can walk in comfort. I like the fact that it is fragrance-free."
~Jane B. Orry, New York City

  • 100% Natural - no chemicals, preservatives, fragrances or additives of any kind.
  • Unmatched - because there's nothing in nature that is more like your skin's own natural oils.
  • Moisturizes & softens even the driest, toughest skin.
  • Safe on the most sensitive skin - gentle enough for babies.
  • Thick & rich - contains no water to dilute its effectiveness.
  • Economical & long lasting - a little bit goes a long way; maximum lubrication with minimal frequency of application.
  • Certified Kosher for year round and Pesach (Passover)
    by Rabbi Y. Gruber (Brooklyn, NY) - Lishkas HaKashrus
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For the treatment and prevention of dry, rough, skin conditions, no other substance is known, that can surpass lanolin in efficacy. Its superb moisturizing properties have been recognized for centuries and already used by the ancient Greeks. Lanolin is an entirely natural substance - a unique blend of natural oils and waxes that form a protective coating on sheep's wool, keeping it soft and luxurious despite harsh weather conditions. This marvelous material is derived from the shorn wool- a cruelty-free product. Nearly identical to your skin's own natural oils, it is impossible to duplicate synthetically.

Despite these wonderful qualities, concerns regarding allergic reactions and impurities from the wool source and the fact that lanolin is a sticky substance, limited its use. With the introduction of SuperLanŽ, a pure hypoallergenic lanolin is now available. Created by a patented, complex and costly process, it has been highly refined and purified rendering it smooth and completely safe for the most sensitive or wounded skin, even those allergic to other forms of lanolin and wool. So safe that breast-feeding mothers don't have to remove it prior to feeding.

SuperLanŽ is unlike standard skin care products. An ordinary cream or lotion contains a large amount of water which makes it absorb quickly but diminishes its efficacy. This also necessitates the use of preservatives. SuperLanŽ is thick and rich, contains absolutely no water to dilute its effectiveness. Due to its natural thick texture, it takes several minutes for it to be completely absorbed. However, your patience will be amply rewarded with its unequaled, longlasting and powerful properties. There are no preservatives, color, fragrance nor an array of confusing and harmful cosmetic ingredients that can irritate and interfere with the healing process. This pure and simple but intensive treatment delivers 100% active ingredients to the skin for rapid onset of relief. SuperLanŽ penetrates deeply, acting as a sponge or moisture reservoir in the skin allowing it to rehydrate from within. Unlike petroleum jelly, mineral oil, and beeswax which coat the skin and block normal respiration, SuperLanŽ allows the skin to breathe, and doesn't clog pores. Clinically tested it reduces roughness of skin by 40% within an hour of application. Daily use will keep your skin healthy, smooth, and satiny unlike anything you have used before.

SuperLanŽ is economical. A very little bit goes a long way and therefore should be used sparingly. It provides a maximum amount of lubrication with a minimal frequency of application. A jar will last a long time.

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